Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We are back in business!

It is official students! The school has approved the Emergency Services Facebook page and blog so we are up and running again!! I have a lot of information that has been chillin on my desk so let's get going!

*Classes start January 6th. Make sure your book sure your books are purchased and your schedule is ready. You can add classes all the way up to January 21st but it isn't wise to wait that long especially if you are looking at math or English courses.

*Speaking of math and English. if you need to take the accuplacer and want some help go to collegeboard.com. You can print out a PDF practice exam and for $3 you can buy a phone app that will help you study! There are free practice tests online as well.

*Job postings will begin again next week. If you hear of any openings you would like to share please send them in a message to me on Facebook or to my email at mellis@uvu.edu.

The last thing is for everyone to have a happy New Year! I wish the best for you all and hope that 2014 brings you joy and success!

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